Investors Overview

Big Watt Digital’s mission is to be a leading high-growth, ESG, immersion cooled Bitcoin mining company. At Big Watt Digital, we stive to strengthen the security of the Bitcoin blockchain network by leveraging strategic partnerships in renewable power generation at scale.

Using a proprietary immersion cooled Bitcoin mining facility, Big Watt Digital is positioned to lead the next generation of clean and sustainable Bitcoin mining. We are targeting 100% net carbon-neutral infrastructure by the end of 2022.

In addition to engaging in sustainable Bitcoin mining, Big Watt Digital seeks to offer our partners long-term exposure to Bitcoin without the challenges of holding the digital asset directly. Big Watt Digital’s treasury management solutions and advanced structured financial products are intended to benefit our partners, clients, and mining communities by putting the Bitcoin we mine to work.

At Big Watt Digital we believe that Bitcoin will bring about a brighter tomorrow for local and global economies while advancing sustainable energy utilization.

Join us on a journey towards a more prosperous and sustainable tomorrow, written on the blockchain.