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About Us

Building Tomorrow's Financial Infrastructure

Core Executive Team

David Schuil - Big Watt Digital

David Schuil

Chief Executive Officer

Jeremy Nichele - Big Watt Digital

Jeremy Nichele

Founder, Board of Directors, SVP Corporate Development

John Small - Big Watt Digital

John Small

Chief Financial Officer

Brian Snyder - Big Watt Digital

Brian Snyder

Board of Directors, Chief Mining Officer

Jeff Smith - Big Watt Digital

Jeffrey Smith

General Counsel, Chief Risk & Compliance Officer

Novalena Nichele - Big Watt Digital

Novalena (Betancourt) Nichele

Founder, SVP, Admin / Investor Relations

Danny Najor Updated Headshot

Daniel Najor

aka "Dakota Dan"
Founder, VP Power

Luke Lindberg - Big Watt Digital

Luke Lindberg

Head of External Affairs

Tim Eisenbraun - Big Watt Digital

Tim Eisenbraun

General Contractor

Frank Albo - Big Watt Digital

Frank Albo

Supply Chain Management

Jim Britven - Big Watt Digital

Jim Britven

Manager, Research

Keishla Diaz - Big Watt Digital

Keishla Jimenez Diaz

Office Administrator


Jordan Lamb - Big Watt Digital

Jordan Lamb

Advisor, Power & Sustainability

James Slazas - Big Watt Digital

James Slazas

Advisor, Regulatory & Banking Affairs

Michael Terpin - Big Watt Digital

Michael Terpin

Investor / Advisor, Blockchain

Lorenzo DeMedici - Big Watt Digital

Lorenzo De Medici

Advisor, Digital Banking

Sanjay Chandiram - Big Watt Digital

Sanjay Chandiram

Investor / Advisor, Corporate Finance

Michael Shambach - Big Watt Digital

Mike Shambach

Advisor, Finance & Accounting

KylePeters - Big Watt Digital

Kyle Peters

Advisor, Government Affairs / Community Relations


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