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At Big Watt Digital, our focus is on the latest technologies. Assets like cutting-edge software, innovative treasury management, and efficient mining rigs allow us to grow responsibly while scaling our work quickly. As we look to the future, we plan on honoring our mission by making moves that prioritize the sustainability of our planet and its resources.

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Big Watt Digital Data Mining in South Dakota

South Dakota

Our South Dakota data center is our flagship mining facility that currently houses industry-leading servers to build part of the Bitcoin network within the state. This facility is used to verify transactions posted to the Bitcoin ledger, helping the network stay secure and transparent while converting energy into economic value. 

The key factors in the decision to build in South Dakota included the high percentage of available renewable energy, the business-friendly work environment, and a highly-educated workforce. Our site benefits from some of the lowest energy congestion in the country.


Economic Benefits

Data Centers present a significant opportunity to drive South Dakota’s economic growth and foster technological advancement and innovation in the state. Not only can Data Center Development bring new employment opportunities, it can also generate significant new revenue for local schools as well as additional infrastructure funds.*

Sully Buttes Facility

Our facility can operate at an adaptable 30 megawatts (MW) for dynamic workloads. With accommodations for both fiber and satellite internet access, 24/7 monitoring, and administration buildings with 160 acres to grow—we’re in the process of scaling this facility to operate at 300 MW over the next few years.

Future Initiatives of Big Watt Digital

Future Initiatives


Texas Flare Gas Operation

We’ve entered a joint venture to own and operate Bitcoin mines located on the Eagle Ford Shale Plain in South Texas. In cooperation with a landowner of thousands of acres of oil producing ranch land, this operation has the potential to grow into a meaningful behind the meter site, capturing otherwise flared gas for energy production. Our initial liquid immersion container has arrived in Texas, allowing for a one megawatt (MW) pilot program on this site.



Big Watt Digital is a dynamic and future oriented company. We continue to explore related industries and technologies such as artificial intelligence, cyber security, energy management, and defense applications. Our partnerships with Dakota State University, a leader in computer and cyber sciences, and Maddox Defense, a premier US government defense contractor, give Big Watt Digital insight and access to developing technology markets. 


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Our team is led by energy, engineering, and financial experts. Their deep knowledge, public market expertise, and over one hundred years of collective experience make them some of the best in their class.